Business Entity Certificates

Our experienced team of professionals is committed to provide substantial benefits for our clients.

Performing high-quality services that are within schedule and on budget is our top priority.

Since it’s founding, our company has gone through a wide range of service diversification and dynamic changes to achieve the highest success rate for our clients as well as the company.

Business Entity Certificates
Classification and Subclassification
1 Perencanaan Rekayasa RK001 Jasa Rekayasa konstruksi bangunan gedung hunian dan non hunian Menengah
RK002 Jasa rekayasa pekerjaan teknik sipil sumber daya air Menengah
RK003 Jasa rekayasa pekerjaan teknik sipil transportasi Kecil
Pengawasan Rekayasa RT003 Jasa rekayasa konstruksi proses industrial, produksi, dan fasilitas produksi Kecil
3 Perencanaan Arsitektur AR001 Jasa Arsitektural bangunan gedung hunian dan non hunian Kecil
AR002 Jasa Arsitektural lainnya Kecil
4 Jasa Survey 1.SS.01 Survey Teristris Kecil
1.SS.03 Survey Hidrografi/Bathimetri Kecil
1.SS.06 Survey Geologi dan Geofisika (Non Sismik) Kecil
5 Jasa Studi, Penelitian dan Bantuan Teknik 1.SI.02 Studi Kelayakan & Studi Mikro Lainnya Kecil
1.SI.04 Jasa Penelitian Kecil
1.SI.05 Jasa Bantuan Teknik Kecil
6 Jasa Khusus 1.SC.02 Jasa Penilai/Appraisal/Valuer Kecil
1.SC.04 Jasa Sertifikasi Kecil
1.SC.05 Jasa Inspeksi Teknik Kecil
Business Registration Number

Government of the Republic of Indonesia NIB 9120310250821

Business Regristration Number
KBLI Codes and Names
1 74909 Aktivitas Profesional, Ilmiah dan Teknis Lainnya Y TDL
2 73201 Penelitian Pasar
3 70209 Aktivitas Konsultasi Manajemen Lainnya
4 78300 Penyediaan Sumber Daya Manusia dan Manajemen Fungsi Sumber Daya Manusia
5 73202 Jajak Pendapat Masyarakat
Legal Documents

To gain trust from- and deliver excellence to- our costumers, we equip ourselves with relevant national and international certifications from various fields.

Legal Documents

1.    Deed of Establishment
2.   Deed of Amendment
3.   Approval of Indonesian Minister of Justice and Human Rights 
4.   Reporting of Indonesian Minister of Justice and Human Rights 
5.   Business Register Number (NIB)
6.   Business License (SIUP)
7.   Taxpayer Identification Number (NPWP)
8.   Construction Services Business License (SIUJK)
9.   Business Entity Certificate (SBU)
10.  Certificate of Expertise  (SKA)
11.   Member of Indonesian Chamber of Commerce & Industry (KADIN)
12.  Member of  Indonesian National Consultant Association (INKINDO)
13.  ISO 9001 : 2015 Certificate
14.  ISO 14001 : 2015 Certificate
15.  ISO 45001 : 2018 Certificate  
16.  Certificate of Bank (BNI46) Partnership
17.  Labour Supply Services Business License